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Windows Power-User Series

How To View
Hidden Files and File Extensions
in Windows Explorer

All Windows Power-Users are aware of how important it is to know as much as they can about their own system. Making these two simple changes will not only allow you to see all the hidden system files on your computer, but also the file extensions for every file.
Without making this change, you might not be able to change the file extension for most of your files!

Procedure for Windows 95 / NT:
Open either " My Comptuer " or the Windows (File) Explorer. Click the word " View " on the toolbar and then choose "Options..." at the bottom of the menu. Under the View tab, set them according to this pic ( Note: Using View in 'My Computer,' shows a window with Three TABS instead of just the two shown below; the first TAB will be called 'Folder' -- the 'Single' Folder option is usually the best choice there):

For Windows 98:
Your system may be in some kind of 'Internet browser-like mode' rather than the view Win 95 users are used to. Your menu choice may be called "Folder Options" instead of just 'Options' ( there may be other differences as well; I do not use Win 98 and must rely on input from others ).

This shows that knowing where to find settings such as these is actually an important step in becoming a Windows power user. The more you know about your system, the better you'll be able to use it the way YOU want too.

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