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An Introduction to C/C++ Programming
under Microsoft® Windows™ 2000 / XP
[ for both Console and GUI programs using the free Borland® C++ 5.5 Compiler,
Linker and Turbo™ Debugger ]

Copyright©2004 by Daniel B. Sedory

[More examples will be added in the future...]


For those who visit my pages regularly, this work will try to explain what's involved in creating programs for Microsoft® Windows™ 2000/XP/2003 and how you too can learn C or C++ programming under Windows™ using the free C++ 5.5 (compiler/linker) from Borland® (plus a free IDE!).

It's my hope that these pages will teach you what's necessary for someone to code, compile, link and test the programs you run on your computer. These pages may also help you decide to take a course in programming; I've supplied a number of links to free tutorials, and even a free book on C++. At the very least, you'll soon appreciate the work that's required to program complex applications for Windows™.

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Although this project isn't totally complete, these pages should be very useful for many of you!


Last Update: 7 April 2004.


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