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Sub-directories available here are:
: [ MBR ] [bochs] [ debug ] [BIOS] [eicar] [fire] [win32]
(Various pages on Assembly/MS-Debug and the MBR)

What Happens When your PC Powers-up?
A new page on A History of the PC's BIOS

A simple Introduction to: C:
(C/C++ Programming under Win2000/XP/2003)

DOS (help for most of its old commands)

Hidden Bytes from the Past:
A Forensic Examination of IBM PC DOS 1.0 and 1.10

[ Links; not much here!
A Basic Course in Forensics/Data Recovery:
Examining Windows Startup Disks with DISKEDIT and MS-DEBUG
All about MD5 Sums (w/ links to free programs).

(tomsrtbt Boot Disk and beginner's help)
math: [ pi ] (
also a few 'Recreational Math' pages)
RGB (as in Red, Green and Blue colors)
tool (
some Free Tools for you)

An essay on using your Imagination

Questions and Answers

What Is the Meaning of Life?

his (An historical essay about Pontius Pilate and Yeshua)

and how SONY (purposely) made my floppy drive WRONG!

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